Innovating on a Dime: Design Science for Small Teams

Disruptive technological innovations often originate from surprisingly small beginnings. Giants of the Internet age such as the omnipresent Google search engine and the Facebook social networking platform have initially been designed and developed by small and independent teams. These examples are attractive to design science researchers in information systems, who desire to deliver new and innovative artifacts.

Motivated by these observations, we have written a paper proposing a possible specialization of design science research.




Rohde, M. E., & Sundaram, D. (2011). Innovating on a dime: Design science for small teams. In European Conference on Information Systems .


Format Source Code in MS Word

The Problem

You have to write a Word Document, which should contain snippets of code. The code should be displayed using syntax highlighting following established rules for your programming language of choice.

Furthermore, at a later point in time, you would like to publish parts of your word document as HTML or as blog post (for instance in WordPress).

One Solution

One possible solution is to use Microsoft Word, Google Docs and the Notepad++ editor as follows:

  • Create an empty document in Google Docs
  • Add an empty table to this document
  • Download this document as a Microsoft Word file (.doc)
  • Open the Word Document in Word, select the table, and click on the language icon in the Microsoft Word status menu
  • Make sure the option ‘Do not check spelling or grammar’ is ticked.

  • Copy your source code into the Notepad++ editor.
  • Select the programming language you are using under the ‘Language’ menu item

  • Select the Plugins / NppExport / Copy RTF to clipboard menu item

  • Return to word and past the current content of the clipboard into your table


Network n =
new Network();

Nx.put().node(“SCM Implementation at Acorp.”).inNetwork(n);

  • You can now save the document, reupload to Google Docs and export as webpage.
  • You can further using Words Publish / As Blog function upload the document to a blogging engine. However, here the formatting might get lost.


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