Fix PhoneGap Shows Black Screen after Splash

In order to test how an ObjectHub Micro App can be packaged as a PhoneGap application, I used PhoneGap Build to package up a simple application.

Unfortunately, the application that I developed started off with a big, ugly black screen instead of a splash screen.

It took me quite some digging around to find out what was going on there. So here I have collected some potential solutions for the problem.

  • Do the src attributes in the splash elements point to valid files?
  • Are you using PhoneGap Build? In that case, follow the instructions on the PhoneGap Build documentation.
  • Did you include the following in your config.xml:
<preference name="SplashScreen" value="screen" />
<preference name="SplashScreenDelay" value="50000" />

  • You can try this workaround to have your app load quicker.
  • You can try to manually handle the splash screen lifecyle as shown here.

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Test if Firebase is Initialized on Node.JS / Lambda

Firebase is build on the assumption that it will only be initialized once.

This can be a problem in Node.JS applications sometimes, especially if they are run as part of an Amazon Lambda function.

This can lead to errors as the following:

Firebase App named '[DEFAULT]' already exists.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to check if Firebase has already been initialized (firebase.initializeApp). Just wrap your call to initializeApp in the following:

if (firebase.apps.length === 0) {
        serviceAccount: {
        databaseURL: ...


Testing Internet Connection Quality (with multiple hosts)

It’s always a good idea to test the speed of your Internet connection after getting a new router of Internet provider. However, my Internet connection sometimes becomes mysteriously slow.

In that case, it is great to verify that is a problem with the Internet connection or maybe with the services you are using.

There are plenty of tools available for testing your Internet connection speed. Some of these are:

However, all of these are not very reliable, since they only test the connection of your computer to one server.

Now, the Internet is a big and complex thing and that you can download quickly from one server does not mean that you can download well from others.

Thankfully, there is the service which allows you to test your connection to a whole bunch of servers at the same time.

This can be done as follows:


  • Click on the button Test My Internet

Note that sometimes there can be an error while you perform this. In that case, just run the test again.

You should soon receive an result as the following:


Don’t be too worried when you are getting the message ‘You might have a problem …’. Usually, if you have a DSL connection anything around 1 Mbps and above should be fine.