Lambda Go Starter Project

Serverless development allows deploying low-cost, low-maintenance applications. Go is an ever-more popular language for developing backend applications. With first rate support both in AWS Lambda and GCP Cloud Functions, Go is an excellent choice for serverless development. Unfortunately, setting up a flexible infrastructure and efficient deployment pipelines for Serverless applications is not always easy. Especially … Continue reading Lambda Go Starter Project

Express.js on Lambda Getting Started

AWS Lambda is a cost efficient and easy way to deploy server applications. Express.js is a very popular Node.js framework that makes it very easy to develop REST APIs. This post will go through the basics of deploying an Express.js application to AWS Lambda. You can also check out the sample project on GitHub. Develop … Continue reading Express.js on Lambda Getting Started

Deploy Java Lambda using SAM and Buildkite

I've recently covered how to deploy a Node JS based Lambda using SAM and Buildkite. I would say that this should cover most use cases, since I believe a majority of AWS Lambdas are implemented with JavaScript. However, Lambda supports many more programming languages than just JavaScript and one of the more important ones among … Continue reading Deploy Java Lambda using SAM and Buildkite

Deploy Lambda using SAM and Buildkite

One of the many good things about Lambdas on AWS is that they are quite easy to deploy. Simply speaking, all that one requires is a zip file of an application that then can be uploaded using an API call. Things unfortunately quickly become more complicated, especially if the Lambda depends on other resources on … Continue reading Deploy Lambda using SAM and Buildkite

Resize EC2 Volume (without Resizing Partition)

Problem You would like to resize a volume attached to an EC2 instance. Solution Do the following: Create a snapshot of your volume (instructions) Stop your instance Go to EBS / Volumes and select Actions / Modify Volume Enter the new size for your volume (note you can only ever make the volume larger) and … Continue reading Resize EC2 Volume (without Resizing Partition)

Route 53 Cannot Find CloudFront Distribution

Problem You have create a CloudFront distribution with a custom domain name (such as Now if you try to link this distribution to your domain using Route 53, you get the following error message: `No AWS resource exists with the Alias Target that you specified.` Solution Try the following to solve this problem: Make … Continue reading Route 53 Cannot Find CloudFront Distribution

Solving ‘One or more of your origins do not exist’ for Cloud Front

Problem You are trying to create a CloudFront distribution using Amazon's API. You get the error: "One or more of your origins do not exist" Solution In my case, I provided a different value for these two properties: DistributionConfig.DefaultCacheBehavior.TargetOriginId and DistributionConfig.Origins.Items[0].Id Just make sure that the Id for one of your origins matches the TargetOriginId … Continue reading Solving ‘One or more of your origins do not exist’ for Cloud Front