Lambda Go Starter Project

Serverless development allows deploying low-cost, low-maintenance applications. Go is an ever-more popular language for developing backend applications. With first rate support both in AWS Lambda and GCP Cloud Functions, Go is an excellent choice for serverless development. Unfortunately, setting up a flexible infrastructure and efficient deployment pipelines for Serverless applications is not always easy. Especially … Continue reading Lambda Go Starter Project

Deploy Java Lambda using SAM and Buildkite

I've recently covered how to deploy a Node JS based Lambda using SAM and Buildkite. I would say that this should cover most use cases, since I believe a majority of AWS Lambdas are implemented with JavaScript. However, Lambda supports many more programming languages than just JavaScript and one of the more important ones among … Continue reading Deploy Java Lambda using SAM and Buildkite

Resize EC2 Volume (without Resizing Partition)

Problem You would like to resize a volume attached to an EC2 instance. Solution Do the following: Create a snapshot of your volume (instructions) Stop your instance Go to EBS / Volumes and select Actions / Modify Volume Enter the new size for your volume (note you can only ever make the volume larger) and … Continue reading Resize EC2 Volume (without Resizing Partition)

Route 53 Cannot Find CloudFront Distribution

Problem You have create a CloudFront distribution with a custom domain name (such as Now if you try to link this distribution to your domain using Route 53, you get the following error message: `No AWS resource exists with the Alias Target that you specified.` Solution Try the following to solve this problem: Make … Continue reading Route 53 Cannot Find CloudFront Distribution

Solving ‘One or more of your origins do not exist’ for Cloud Front

Problem You are trying to create a CloudFront distribution using Amazon's API. You get the error: "One or more of your origins do not exist" Solution In my case, I provided a different value for these two properties: DistributionConfig.DefaultCacheBehavior.TargetOriginId and DistributionConfig.Origins.Items[0].Id Just make sure that the Id for one of your origins matches the TargetOriginId … Continue reading Solving ‘One or more of your origins do not exist’ for Cloud Front