Deploy Java Lambda using SAM and Buildkite

I've recently covered how to deploy a Node JS based Lambda using SAM and Buildkite. I would say that this should cover most use cases, since I believe a majority of AWS Lambdas are implemented with JavaScript. However, Lambda supports many more programming languages than just JavaScript and one of the more important ones among … Continue reading Deploy Java Lambda using SAM and Buildkite

Installing Jenkins on Centos 7

I set up a Jenkins server on a brand new Centos 7 VPS. In the following the instructions for doing this in case you are looking at doing the same: Setting up Jenkins Server Install OpenJDK Java sudo yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk Add Jenkins Repo and install Jenkins sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/jenkins.repo sudo rpm --import … Continue reading Installing Jenkins on Centos 7

Generate md5 Hash for Maven

Maven creates and checks MD5 checksums at various times. For instance, when downloading an artifact from a repository, Maven checks whether the checksum of the downloaded files (e.g. POM, JAR) is correct. I am uploading Maven artifacts manually to a very simple, file-based repository. This requires me to calculate the Maven checksum for artifacts manually. What sounds … Continue reading Generate md5 Hash for Maven

Setting Up Xtend with Maven and eclipse (Luna)

Xtend is currently my favourite alternative language for the JVM (closely followed by Kotlin). Unfortunately, I did not find a good guide of how to set up a Maven project within eclipse (Luna) which uses Xtend. Specifically the following guide will allow you to allow you to write test cases in Xtend for your existing … Continue reading Setting Up Xtend with Maven and eclipse (Luna)

Setting Up eclipse Luna with Maven for Android

As of August 2014, don't even try this. Officially, the Google Eclipse plugin supports Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) at present. However, in order to be able to create projects which are both Maven projects and Android projects you will need to install the m2e-android plugin. This currently does not support eclipse Luna. Probably, if you create … Continue reading Setting Up eclipse Luna with Maven for Android

Jenkins StackOverflow Exception during JUnit Test

Problem The build of a Maven job in Jenkins fails due to a StackOverflowException or a OutOfMemoryException during a JUnit test. Analysis Most likely, there is a bug in your application, which leads to infinite recursion or an infinite allocation in resources. So first try to run your test in a different environment (for instance in eclipse, … Continue reading Jenkins StackOverflow Exception during JUnit Test

Maven Module for gwt-exporter

gwt-exporter is an awesome library to generate usable JavaScript APIs for Google Web Toolkit applications. It allows writing powerful libraries in Java and reuse the features these libraries provide in JavaScript applications! I have assembled a small Maven Module for gwt-exporter 2.4 (M1), which readily configures gwt-exporter to be used as part of an OSGi-enabled … Continue reading Maven Module for gwt-exporter

Restlet Quickstart

The Restlet framework is one of the possible options to provide Restful web services in Java. In many framework comparison, Restlet is criticized for being a little bit difficult to understand as well as to perform slightly worse than competing frameworks (e.g. Apache Wink, Jersey, ...) (Sangeetha, 2011). However, Restlet is also a very flexible … Continue reading Restlet Quickstart