Deadlines and Estimates in Agile

Time is a key resource in software development and we need to consider it in two fundamental ways: (1) Total amount of effort measured by time goes into delivering software. (2) Deadlines by which the software needs to be completed. The project management triangle provides the insight that these two elements of time are intertwined. … Continue reading Deadlines and Estimates in Agile

Mastering Modular JavaScript

Today I was having a look around for best practices for defining JavaScript modules. In that search, I came across the book Mastering Modular JavaScript. This book offers a good selection of best practices for JS module development. Also, all chapters are freely available on GitHub: Chapter 1: Module Thinking Chapter 2: Modularity Principles Chapter … Continue reading Mastering Modular JavaScript

Everything new in JavaScript since ES6

It is no secret that things in the tech world change rather rapidly. It's difficult to keep track of everything at the same time. For instance I have been working with JavaScript quite extensively some years ago but recently have been more involved with other tech stacks. Thus I have only followed the developments in … Continue reading Everything new in JavaScript since ES6

Designing Micro Services the Right Way

For a few years now, micro services have been all the rage when it comes to the architecture of large applications. Personally I have always been a bit puzzled about what was so new a great about micro services in comparison to what came before them: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Indeed, SOA itself is often … Continue reading Designing Micro Services the Right Way

Tech Tip: Make Spotlight Searches Faster on Mac OS X

One of the things I really like about Windows 10, is the ability to hit the Windows key and type the first few letters of the application name to find and open this application. Mac OS X in theory provides the same feature by hitting the Command Key + Space. This opens a spotlight search. … Continue reading Tech Tip: Make Spotlight Searches Faster on Mac OS X

Upload Elastic Beanstalk Application using Maven

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is well established service of the AWS cloud and can be used as a powerful platform to deploy applications in various languages. In this short tutorial, I will outline how to conveniently deploy a Tomcat application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk using theĀ beanstalk-maven-plugin. The following assumes that you already have a project which … Continue reading Upload Elastic Beanstalk Application using Maven

PlantUML (Open Source Awesomeness)

I've always had a soft spot for diagrams. I think that representing information in various visual ways tremendously helps our thinking and understanding. Unfortunately it is often a big headache to create (and maintain) diagrams. So I was very pleased today when I came across PlantUML. PlantUML is a Java library and web service which … Continue reading PlantUML (Open Source Awesomeness)