Good Web Design: PayPal Developer Documentation

I find that developer documentation is often not very pleasant to look at and, more importantly, often very difficult to navigate. I worked briefly with the PayPal REST API and, while I found that at times it can be confusing to deal with the numerous APIs PayPal offers, aesthetically their developer documentation is clear and effective.

What I Like

Clear Overall Design

paypal developer documentation

Overall the documentation looks nice and clear. I like the fonts and colours used. The multi-level menu on the left fits in well and provides good means of navigation without feeling overwhelming.

Good Instructions and Code Examples

paypal developer documentation 2

The subheadings are easy to spot and the step-by-step instructions weave code into them quite nicely. Code examples stand out due to the different background colour.

Clear and Informative Footer

Paypal developer documentation 3

The footer for the page fits nicely into the overall design and gives access to a wide range of resources.


Good Web Design: Squarespace

I want to start a new category of articles for this blog where I record web or user experience design I come across and which impresses me. I will start today with the homepage of Squarespace. Since they are a web design company, good design can be expected of course. Some things which I noticed where the following:

Nice Fonts


For headings, they use an all-caps, spaced out font: Gotham with font size 22px, line height 1.6em and letter spacing of 0.2em. The body text is also Gotham with font size 14px and line height of 1.8em.

Simple but Effective Buttons


Buttons come either with a white background and black text or the other way around. The font size used is 11px.

Nice and Clean Gallery of Templates


What I didn’t Like

I think the lack of a main menu makes it quite difficult to find the things one is looking for. To find the gallery of templates, one needs to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and then select ‘Websites’. Also the pricing information is not easily accessible.