Java Modularity Tutorials (OSGi, Declarative Services and Maven)

I provide here a number of tutorials to set up and work with a development environment as depicted below:

Why I chose to use OSGi with Declarative Services is discussed in the post Modular Software Development OSGi, Spring DM, iPOJO and Declarative Services.
Why I chose Apache Maven is described in the post Build and Dependency Management: Lean Maven.
After a long struggle of figuring out how to develop OSGi WITH Declarative Services with Eclipse AND NetBeans to run in Apache Felix AND Equinox, I have created a few tutorials including many screenshots showing possible ways to work with these technologies.
Part 1: OSGi + Maven + Declarative Services + eclipse
Part 2: OSGi + Maven + Pax Runner + Apache Felix + Equinox

Part 3: Creating Runtime Environments for OSGi Declarative Services in Eclipse

Part 4: OSGi + Maven + Declarative Services + Apache Felix SCR + NetBeans

Part 5: Implementing a Service Client for OSGi Declarative Services

Part 6: Migrate Projects to Maven/Subversion Development Environment (also see Subversion and Maven)


See also this excellent tutorial on building OSGi bundles with Maven, including integration tests, etc
Java Modularity: Jigsaw and OSGi
Enterprise Maven Stack (Commercial)

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