Link Collection: Java User Interface Frameworks

Link Collection: Java User Interface Frameworks

Abstract: It is no secret that end user interfaces are not Java‘s strongest point especially on the desktop. Nonetheless, there is a great choice of interesting frameworks, some of which are listed below.


Generate GUI from Java beans Metawidget

GWTSwing An attempt to provide implementation for all GWT Widgets in Swing. eg a GWT Button is represented by a JButton. Furthermore, server communication is supposed to work as in the JavaScript clients (RemoteServlet, ...).

uface An universal API (set of interfaces) to build Java GUIs. There are implementations for Swing, GWT and SWT.

NetBeans Application Swing Application Framework Better Swing Application Framework

Interview with Hans Muller on the Java Swing Framework

Using Swing with OSGi

Jazz Desktop Application Framework

Swing Architecture Overview from Sun (explains Model View Controller)

Client Utility and Framework (Swing classes)

JIDE Software: Couple of Swing classes and framework

Change the GUI at Run-Time:


More Resources:

Transform Java Objects into GUIs (Swing/ASP) (Last Update 2003) Good overview on different approaches to design a GUI in Java van der Sijpt: Blogpost on how Swing and OSGi declarative services can work togather (2009) Swing Action Manager JDesktop Integration Components