Paper: Challenges in Knowledge Management

Paper: Challenges in Knowledge Management

_Rohde, M. E., & Sundaram, D. (2010). Challenges in knowledge management. In Proceedings of the 16th Americas Conference on Informaction Systems (AMCIS 2010) . Association for Information Systems._

Knowledge management is an ever researched area in the discipline of information systems. Though the terminology mightchange with the waves of fashion, how information systems can support the multiple dimensions of knowledge managementis an underlying theme in many streams of research. This article examines literature on knowledge management in order tosynthesize a number of key challenges, which emerge from a multidimensional and boundary-spanning view on knowledgemanagement. Six interrelated issues attempt to explain some of the essential aspects of knowledge in the organizationalcontext: these issues are (1) standardization of processes, structures, and systems, (2) contextualization, (3) invasiveness innatural ways of working, (4) strategic alignment, (5) intelligence, and (6) cultural environment.

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