Restlet Server: OSGi and Maven

Here a collection of links regarding the Restlet Framework ( and how to use it with Maven and OSGi

OSGi + Restlet

Three blog posts on building restlet based web services using Equinox

Mail discussion: Adding OSGi as another protocol to Restlet


Equinox Server-side Quickstart

Equinox Server Project on

Restlet + Maven

Official Restlet Maven repository


Using Restlet as a WebServer rerouting requests to a number of other servers (from documentation)

Simple Restlet Demo Application inside Servlet container (showing how to use Application and Resources)

Host a Restlet server inside a Servlet container (eg tomcat) (from documentation)

Applications using Restlet: Hackystack,

Tutorial Set up a servlet based Restlet service

Serving Restlet Files from within the current jar/project/webarchive

Mail Discussion about how to serve files from within a war
Mail Discussion about how to server files using the clap protocol Restlet documentation CLAP protocol

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