Maven and Eclipse Indigo

Maven and Eclipse Indigo

It has been a while since the new release of the eclipse IDE, Indigo, has been released. One of the most interesting new features seems to be a better integration with Maven.

After some very unsuccessful attempts using eclipse IAM and the m2eclipse plugin, I became a bit sceptical of Maven integration into the eclipse IDE. In particular, I want to use the eclipse plugin development environment (PDE) alongside Maven, which seemed impossible at the time. At the moment, I use the eclipse:eclipse Maven Mojo to generate eclipse project files (with PDE support). The projects compile in eclipse and unit test etc run. Just for any Maven specific tasks, I need to change to the command line (eg deploying projects, changing dependencies between projects).

Now I have seen a few negative comments about the new Maven features in eclipse (see below). After spending a lot of time getting eclipse PDE and Maven working together well, I feel a bit anxious to change to eclipse Indigo.


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