New Repository for OSGi-ready Maven Artifacts

UPDATE 2015:

For good repositories for OSGi artifacts also check:

SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository

Eclipse Bundle Recipes Project

Here the original post:

Although the onedb libraries are currently deployed as vanilla Java JAR files (onedb downloads), I have used the PDE tooling of eclipse heavily in the development process.

One core advantage of using OSGi in the development process is that OSGi allows to enforce information hiding between modules in a large Java application.

Unfortunately, most open source projects do not provide versions of their libraries, which are ready made for an OSGi environment. There is some great tooling available to create bundles from vanilla Java Jars, my favorite one being the Maven Bundle Plugin, which wraps the BND tool.

However, it can still be an annoyance to create your own OSGi-enabled maven artifacts for every dependency you want to use in your OSGi project.

This is my motivation to publish OSGi wrappers for all the third party dependencies I come across in my projects:

-> osgi-maven on github <-

Basically, these wrappers provided nothing more but a simple pom, which is pre-configured to generate valid OSGi declarations for the wrapped dependency:

OSGi Wrapper Artifacts

If the project is easy to build and/or there is no single artifact available, which could be wrapped, the wrapper might also contain the source code of the third party dependency. Therefore, please make sure that you use all wrappers in accordance with the source code license of the wrapped artifact.

Currently, the wrapper artifacts provide the following key features:

The following libraries are defined in the repository:

… and more coming.

3 thoughts on “New Repository for OSGi-ready Maven Artifacts

  1. Are you still using OSGi these days? The Eclipse Bundle Recipes project is an effort at Eclipse to create a repository for templates for wrapping Maven artifacts with OSGi headers. I’ve recently updated the project to make it easier to create recipes. Contributions are welcome!

    1. Thank you, the Eclipse Bundle Recipes project looks great.

      Do you have any pointers to getting started guides and more general info about the projects?

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