Maven Module for gwt-exporter

Maven Module for gwt-exporter

gwt-exporter is an awesome library to generate usable JavaScript APIs for Google Web Toolkit applications.

It allows writing powerful libraries in Java and reuse the features these libraries provide in JavaScript applications!

I have assembled a small Maven Module for gwt-exporter 2.4 (M1), which readily configures gwt-exporter to be used as part of an OSGi-enabled project. This is particularily useful, if one wants to develop using the excellent eclipse plug-in development platform (which is useful for far more than developing eclipse plugins).

The source code is hosted as part of the osgi-maven project: thrdGwtExporter24.

The Maven dependency and repository are as follows:




 <id>onedb Releases</id>

If you would like to use gwt-exporter in a vanilla Maven project (without OSGi), you can use the gwt-exporter artefact hosted on Maven central:


(The exclusion is necessary to avoid dependencies to the Sun/Oracle JVM.)