New Online Markdown Editor

New Online Markdown Editor

nodejump is a small web application to create and publish web pages using the Markdown markup language.

It's really easy to get started creating a new document (and therewith a new webpage). Just open the following link:

The main features of this editor are the following:

  • Publish simple web pages from various devices (desktop, mobile) quickly and easily.
  • Allow to share documents for viewing and collaborative editing via simple hyperlinks.
  • Allow users to use the tool with and without registering.
  • Switch between editing and viewing in real-time.
  • Synchronize documents opened on multiple locations in real-time.


The editor is built to load quickly and scale for various screen resolutions.

Switching between 'edit' and 'view' mode is done in real-time both in desktop and mobile environments.

Further Resources

Source code on github

Application documentation