Signing up for Apple Developer Program on Windows

Signing up for Apple Developer Program on Windows


You would like to become an esteemed member of Apple's Developer Program but you dare to do so from a machine running Microsoft Windows using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

After you click on either [Individual] or [Company] as shown below …

… you are greeted with an broken web page such as:


As I was told by the Apple support (with an amazing response time of 1 day!), you can only sign up using Apple's Safari Browser.

So download the Safari browser for Windows and do the sign up there!

Possible Obstacles

Even using the Safari browser, I encountered a number of problems such as:

We'll be back soon.

Or Can't connect to application instance.

If this happens, don't despair! Just try again later. Eventually, the planets will have the right constellation and the registration process will work!