Appjangle: New Homepage (Again)

After I had recently completed a first version of interactive showcases for the Appjangle platform, it was now about time to give a little rework to the homepage. Arguably, it was a bit dull and, more importantly, not very informative – in particular in regards to giving an overview of what Appjangle is good for and what it does.

This is how the last version of the homepage looked like:

The redesign, accomplished in 350 min (yes, I am slow and I also love to measure time), focused on the following objectives:

  • Allow to understand what the Appjangle platform does.
  • Provide an overview of the benefits of the platform.
  • Give a clear indication of what a visitor can do next.

Well, this is how the new page looks like:

I believe that this new design meets the described objectives much better than the old version. However, there are still plenty of steps which stand between this version and ‘perfect’.

Now, I am certainly not what I would call a naturally gifted graphics artist. However, I think it’s often a diversion from my usual occupations of writing code and writing academically to move around some pixels. Also, it’s nice to see a design develop over time. Actually I started working on this ‘entry page’ in November 2011 – at that time Appjangle was still called ‘Nx Framework’, and the Introduction was somewhat wordy: Nx Framework Introduction.

Anyway, next on my list are the sign up screen and the hosting options– when my thesis will grant me some time.

This post is also published on the Appjangle Blog.

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