GWT RPC Serialization for LocalStorage

GWT RPC Serialization for LocalStorage

GWT RPC is a great technology for sending 'Java' objects from a Java sever to a JavaScript client and vice averse. Since GWT RPC provides facilities for serializing and deseralizing Java objects, it seems like a good option, too, for preparing objects to be stored in a browsers LocalStorage.

Unfortunately, the devil lies in the details here, since GWT RPC is implemented in an asymmetrical way:

  • The client can only deseralize objects serialized on the server and
  • Only the server can deseralize objects serialized on the client.

Fortunately, however, with a few modifications the GWT RPC serialization mechanism can be adjusted to support client-client serialization.

The gwt-storage project available on GitHub does exactly that for us. Check out the getting started guide for this project here. Here a simple example:

StorageExt localStorage = StorageExt.getLocalStorage();

localStorage.put(key, gwtObject);

GwtClass gwtObject = localStorage.get(key);

Note that for this code to work, GwtClass must be involved in one of your GWT RPC services.

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