Speed Up Netty SSL

Speed Up Netty SSL

Knowing Where You Are

First you can do a few simple test to see how good (or bad) your current SSL configuration of your Netty server is. Note: These tools also work with any other web server.

  • Perform the wormly SSL Web server test on your server to get an idea how well your server is configured.
  • For a more comprehensive test, consider to use the tool sslyze, which will test your server SSL configuration.

Just download their executable from https://github.com/nabla-c0d3/sslyze/releases, unpack the repository and run

sslyze.exe --regular yourserver.com

The test might run for a while but will generate a very informative report.

Improving Netty Performance

Depending on your results in the first step, you might consider the following ways to improve the performance of your Netty server:

  • Assure to keep HTTP connections ALIVE.

This requires to send a 'Content-Length' header to the browser and not to close the channel after a response has been written to the channel.


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