Route 53 Cannot Find CloudFront Distribution


You have create a CloudFront distribution with a custom domain name (such as

Now if you try to link this distribution to your domain using Route 53, you get the following error message:

`No AWS resource exists with the Alias Target that you specified.`



Try the following to solve this problem:

  • Make sure that the CNAME you specified for the CloudFront distribution matches your domain name exactly. For instance, if your domain name is, make sure that this is also the CNAME.
  • When creating the record set in Route 53, make sure to select the record type `A – IPv4 Address` and not CNAME.




4 thoughts on “Route 53 Cannot Find CloudFront Distribution

  1. Thank you for this. It’s a very confusing implementation by AWS. Usually these are CNAMEs, not “A aliases”. Anyway, I presume the same works with subdomains?

  2. Their documentation states that in order to create a Route53 record set with an alias to the CloudFront distribution domain on an APEX record (e.g. root domain ) you must use an A-type record.

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