Habit Tracking December: Lost in Travel

Habit Tracking December: Lost in Travel

I think I was on a good track in respect to sticking to my habits in November. Alas, things didn't go so well in December:

Habit Tracking December

This December we were travelling first to New Zealand for a week and then to Taiwan. That made it very difficult to keep up with my usual habits. I am quite happy that at the very least I was able to exercise here and there.

A Street in Taipei

I think my habits work quite well as an indicator of my overall well-being. I think that when things on my habit board turn green, I generally feel better than when they are not. I don't know though where the cause and where the effect lies here; am I able to stick to habits better when I am feeling well or does sticking to habits help me feel better. I think it is probably some of both with the former probably having the larger effect.

I hope that things are going to improve for January - but it might take some time to get back to it.