Fix Travis CI Error ‘This is not an active repository’

Problem Your repositories have been building just fine using the tool Travis CI but suddenly the builds do not work anymore and the Travis CI website shows a screen with the message: `This is not an active repository` Solution Go to GitHub and assure that you are logged in with the account that owns the … Continue reading Fix Travis CI Error ‘This is not an active repository’

Import GitHub project to Android Studio

Problem You have an existing GitHub project and would like to import it to Android Studio. Solution Perform the following steps to import your project. Step 1: Install git for Windows It can be downloaded for free from Most settings available during the installation process should be compatible with Android studio. Just choose the … Continue reading Import GitHub project to Android Studio

Appjangle First Showcase Completed!

Now, after 204Ā laboriousĀ steps, a first version of illustrative demos on the Appjangle Showcase has been completed. Appjangle Showcase The showcase consists of 10 interactive demos following the development of a simple example application: The Wall of the Wise! The full source code of the demos is available on github. Cross-Post from the Appjangle Blog.