The Ultimate Guide to TypeScript Monorepos


I've written a couple of posts about how to set up JavaScript and TypeScript Monorepos over the past three years (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7), and I kind of thought I had it all figured out - but I didn't. It turned out that for various reasons it is fiendlishly difficult to develop … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to TypeScript Monorepos

Testing Apollo Client/Server Applications

Following up on the GraphQL, Node.JS and React Monorepo Starter Kit and GraphQL Apollo Starter Kit (Lerna, Node.js), I have now created an extended example which includes facilities to run unit and integration tests using Jest. The code can be found on GitHub: apollo-client-server-tests The following tests are included: React Component Test This tests asserts … Continue reading Testing Apollo Client/Server Applications