Install Oracle JDK with Puppet

Problem You would like to install Oracle JDK using Puppet. Using the puppetlabs/java module, you might get an error message such as: Error: Java distribution oracle-jdk is not supported. at […]/init.pp:57 on node […] Solution Use the module puppet-jdk-oracle. Just follow the installation instruction from the GitHub page. Note that you might want to set … Continue reading Install Oracle JDK with Puppet

Puppet Slow With Processing Directory with ‘recurse => true’

The Problem Puppet allows deploying a structure of directories and files conveniently using the file resource. Using the attributes 'source => …' and 'recurse => true', it is possible to create a copy of a set of files stored in the puppet module on target servers. Unfortunately, using these attributes can slow down puppet significantly … Continue reading Puppet Slow With Processing Directory with ‘recurse => true’