Next.js 12 Templates

Next.js 12 Templates

Next.js 12 has been released a few months ago. It is a major update to the Next.js framework that includes a lot of new features and improvements. Goldstack provides two templates based on Next.js:

Next.js Template

for building vanilla Next.js applications

Next.js + Bootstrap Template

for building Next.js application that use Bootstrap styling.

Both of these templates have been updated and tested with Next.js 12. For the Next.js + Bootstrap template you can also use the Next.js + Bootstrap boilerplate.

Both Next.js templates still come packed with the following features:

Using this templates can help save dozens of hours of development time. Built your customised templates on Goldstack and you can deploy your application in minutes.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions, please raise an issue on GitHub.

Cover image by Lautaro Andreani